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Democracy Insurgency Curriculum

Discussion Questions

  1. What are the differences between the demands of the Omaha Platform and current US laws and rules?

  2. What would the nation and world look like today if the Omaha Platform had been adopted?

  3. What are the current barriers to creating and maintaining real change in our communities and nation?

  4. What are the current opportunities for creating real change?

  5. What is the role of political candidates and public officials in creating real change?

  6. Are the 4 sequential steps promoted by the Populists (forming organizations, recruitment, education, and political action) to create a revolutionary social movement for change relevant today? If not, what should be different?

  7. Is the "Rule of Law" often at odds with democracy. If so, how and when?

  8. Discuss the role of mythology and "official stories" in the strategy of Empire. What are some elements of the U.S. Empire's official story?

  9. The World Trade Organization facilitates global corporate rule. What are earlier examples of institutions that served corporate power?  Why do you think this pattern continues its dominance generation after generation?

  10. If you were charged with writing new election law for this country, what would your legislation include?

  11. Organizational and community activists have, throughout the last 40 years waged their struggles for positive change through regulatory agencies. Discuss the basis on which these agencies and the law they implement are now seen as providing no remedy for environmental, labor or consumer activists.

  12. What do you commit to doing to create a "democracy insurgency" once you leave here today?

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